As a member of the Clan Matheson Society, no matter where you are located, you'll be joining hundred of others the world over, all of whom make up the global organisation we are today, where you can forge new friendships, meet new people, discover your history, attend society events and so much more.

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If you would like to apply for membership of the Society, you will need to contact the Clan Officer or Secretary of your nearest global branch. Currently there are five branches: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom & Europe, and the USA. The contact details for each branch and/or their associated website, can be found using the links within the 'Branches' option on the main menu above.

General Information

Until the late eighteenth century, there were very few Mathesons anywhere outside Scotland. Today, however, the family has spread across the globe and there are few countries where the name is not known. Norway is just one example of where many Mathesons have settled. The Clan Matheson Society was set up in the mid-twentieth century to help members keep in touch with their family and roots. As well as running their own events and keeping in contact with their own communities, each branch of the Society takes every opportunity they can to get together. This is helped by regular Clan Gatherings, every four to five years. In addition, members often visit branches in other countries. If there is no branch in your country, please contact the Clan Chief for further assistance.